Residence Halls

Living in a student dorm

There are several residence halls all over the city, some of which are run by the Studierendenwerk Hamburg and others by private landlords or organizations such as the Red Cross. Bucerius Law School reserves 15 rooms for MLB students in a Studierendenwerk residence hall located at Berliner Tor,  and another 8 rooms in a private residence hall in Altona. Both residence halls are centrally-located with subway stops close by. Travel time to campus is approx. 15 minutes.

Berliner Tor

The Berliner Tor residence hall offers shared apartments (3-4 people). Each student has their own bedroom; kitchen and bathroom are shared.

Please note that it's not possible to choose roommate(s) or to change or sublet the room. Generally, two MLB students will share an apartment with two other international students. The rent is approximately €340/month including utilities and internet access. The deposit is approx. €400.

This residence hall has an age limit of 30.


Website (in German only)

The Altona residence hall was opened in October 2016.

There are 5 one-person apartments and another 3 spots in two-person apartments available to master students.

Rent for a one-person apartment is approx. €370.
Rent for a two-person apartment is approx. € 690.

The rent does not include electricity and internet. Costs for electricity depend on personal consumption. Electricty and internet should be around €60-70 per month per person. The students must take out their own contracts with electricity and internet providers.

Subletting is possible with the consent of the landlord.

How to apply

If you are interested in renting a room/apartment in one of these residence halls, please inform Maite as soon as you have made your decision to attend Bucerius Law School. The rooms are allocated first come, first served.

Your information will be forwarded to the respective landlords and you will discuss any further details directly with them. The contract will be concluded between you and the landlord. Bucerius Law School is not party to the contract.

Please note that the contract for the Berliner Tor residence hall is binding for the whole year. it cannot be cancelled unless the student decides to exmatriculate.

Please note that the contract for the Altona residence hall is unlimited as long as the student is enrolled at a university in Hamburg. The notice period/cancelation period is 3 months.

Other Residence Halls

While Bucerius Law School reserves rooms in the Berliner Tor and Altona residence halls, there are many other non-profit and for-profit residence halls in Hamburg to which you can apply independently.

  1. You can find a list of non-profit residence halls here

  2. Smartments Hühnerposten: 1-person apartments (from €510), shared apartments (from €490), approx. 15 minutes from campus

  3. Smartments Borgfelder Allee: 1-person apartments (from €495), approx. 15-20 minutes from campus

  4. Navale - Uninest Student Residence Hamburg-Wandsbek: 1- person apartments (from €639), approx. 25 minutes from campus

  5. Stuart Apartments Altona: 1-person apartments (from €450), approx. 25 minutes from campus
Student Room at Berliner Tor
Kitchen at Residence Hall Berliner Tor
Photos: Studierendenwerk Hamburg