Opening a bank account

Having a bank account with a German bank or a bank with branches in Germany will make your life much easier during your stay and will help you avoid unnecessary banking fees.

Checking Account

Due to Bucerius Law School's special agreement with Deutsche Bank, Bucerius students can open a bank account immediately upon arrival, without city registration. Usually, bank accounts can only be opened after city registration. We highly recommend checking bank fees and speaking to current students and alumni about their experience with different banks, including online banks.

We strongly recommend to open a bank account in Germany. Some student accounts are free of charge and landlords and health insurance providers usually want to receive the rent via direct debit (SEPA) from a German account. Paying rent in cash or by credit card is uncommon.

If you intend to use your home bank account, please make sure that your credit card company or financial institution gives you access to ATMs in Germany. In any case, as all procedures take time, bring enough cash or your credit card to cover the expenses of the first couple of weeks in Hamburg.

Blocked Bank Account

Some German missions require students from non-EU countries to open a blocked bank account before applying for an entry visa. You will be asked to transfer a specific amount of money into the account, which is meant to cover your living expenses for your 12 months in Germany. Please calculate around 10,000 Euro for the duration of your studies. 

If required by the German mission in your home country, the staff at Bucerius Law School may be allowed to open a German bank account in your name before your arrival. Note that approval of an application for a blocked bank account takes approx. 10 working days.



Any questions?

Please feel free to contact our admissions team, Ms. Inga Diercks-Ferm and Ms. Maite Anna Schewe.

E: maite.schewe(at) or
E: inga diercks-ferm(at)
P: +49 40 30706 226 or
P: +49 40 30706 278
Skype: bucerius.mlb1

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