Public Transport

Getting around the city

Hamburg has an excellent public transport system which means that you will not need a car to get around.

HVV Ticket

All Bucerius Law School students receive a public transportation (HVV) ticket for all public transportation in Hamburg on the first day of orientation. The HVV ticket includes transport by metro, bus, night bus and ferries. The cost of the public transportation ticket is €160 per semester. Similar non-student public transportation tickets are approximately €100 per month.

For more information on the public transport system in Hamburg, please refer to the HVV Website.

This ticket is not transferable to any other person and is valid only in combination with an ID. It is valid for one year.

Hamburg by bike

If you prefer to jump on a bicycle instead of taking the bus or the metro, you may be interested in  StadtRAD (City Bike), a bike-for-hire network that covers the whole inner city area. You can pick up a bike at one of the many hiring stations around town and drop it off at one near your destination.

The first 30 minutes are free of charge, which is usually enough time to get anywhere within the city center. After 30 minutes you pay by the minute. Alternatively you can also rent the bike for a whole day.



HVV Metro Map (click to enlarge)
HVV Metro Map (click to enlarge)
StadtRAD bikes
Photo: / C. Kalk