Meet: Salvador – MLB student from Portugal

Each year people from all over the world come to study the Bucerius Master of Law and Business. In the Meet interviews they tell their stories.

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Where did you study before coming to Bucerius Law School?

I completed my bachelor’s in law at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in Lisbon, which is two hours away from my beautiful hometown called Coimbra. During my Law School, I studied a semester abroad in Florence, under the program Erasmus +.

Why did you decide to study in Germany?

I chose Germany for two main reasons: high-quality of education and strong economy.

Having the opportunity to study in a world-class institution such as Bucerius was the main driver of my decision. The academic excellence, the international focus and the various networking opportunities was everything that I was looking for during my research for the Master.

On another hand, I knew that studying in country like Germany, with a really strong economy, would allow me to have various working opportunities, either to do the mandatory internship or to stay after the master’s program.

What makes the MLB program special in your opinion?

In my view this program is very distinctive and innovative due to its interdisciplinary approach and international focus. The MLB is strongly determined to provide its students with a 360º overview of the law and business intersection. Alongside the international component, this pushes the students to become creative lawyers who think and act from an entrepreneurial point of view.

What are the biggest differences between Portugal and Germany?

In my perspective, the biggest differences are the culture, the learning environment and the weather. In Portugal life is slower and we value other things such as food and social gatherings around family and friends. The learning environment in Germany is more competitive surrounded by a substantial work ethic. Lastly, in Portugal we are used to warm and sunny days throughout most part of the year.



What’s an experience in Hamburg, that is completely new to you?

Studying in a University with such a rich environment, with people from all over the world, within a considerable range of ages. Every single person in our class has a completely different background and life experience. Even though I have already studied abroad, nothing compares to such an enriching transnational atmosphere, where I have daily contact with more than 20 nationalities.

You worked as a legal Specialist. What are your future career plans?

After the MLB I pretend to go back to Portugal for at least two years to conclude my internship to enter the Portuguese Bar Association. After that, I intend to gain some more work experience, either in Portugal or Germany, and then I would like to pursue a second Master’s at Columbia Law School and try my shot as a lawyer in New York.

You were International Volunteer at SOS Childrens` Villages in Cape Verde. How was that?

Since I was a little kid that I used to volunteer with my family. In 2014, my family and I went on vacation to Cape Verde, and all of us volunteered at SOS Childrens’ Village for the days we where there. During the afternoons, I helped and taught younger kids to learn Portuguese, basic English, Maths and Sports, such as Rugby and Football.


Each year people from all over the world come to study the Bucerius Master of Law and Business. In the Meet interviews they tell their stories. Click here to get to know the other students.



Which role will German law play in the future for you?

I’m sure German Law will always be present in my future. Major law firms in the world have presence in Germany or have German Desks/Teams in different parts of the world that work on a daily basis with the German market. So, I’m certain that, either in Germany, Portugal or the U.S., I will always have some contact with German Law.

How do you like living in Hamburg?

Hamburg is an amazing city. It’s actually really fascinating how such a big and dynamic city can be so peaceful and calm. I find it a beautiful city, with lots of green areas, very clean and with a lot to offer. From the bars and noisy Reeperbahn to the chill cafes in Hafen City, we can find everything that we are looking for in a big city, especially some genuinely good restaurants in the Portuguese neighborhood.

In my point of view, Hamburg perfectly balances being a big European city, but at the same time with a very pleasant and relaxed environment.

Salvador, thanks for the interview!



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