Why a Bucerius Summer Program?

Boost your CV this summer at Germany's top law school

Bucerius Summer Programs bring together advanced law students and young professionals for an in-depth exploration of current topics in one of four areas of international practice. Distilled into three intense weeks of study, you will work closely with academics, practitioners and peers from across the globe to build skills for your career undertakings.

Since 2008, over 400 young lawyers-to-be from more than 50 countries have participated in our programs. Here is what some of them have to say about the programs.


Excellent lecturers

"The quality of the lecturers was stunning and the program was an overall joy to follow. Not only did I learn a lot about IP, but actually got even more interested as the course went on."

Hugh, Switzerland
International IP Transactions


Practical Approach

"Not having much experience as a practitioner, I valued the summer program as a great complement in bridging the gap between in-depth academic education and practice-relevant aspects of problem-solving."

Justus, Germany
International IP Transactions


Expanding network

"I encourage anyone who might be considering coming to Bucerius for a summer course as I believe it is a fantastic place to meet young professionals in a great environment. The faculty seems a pretty well kept secret for law students from outside of Germany, considering its rankings and academic setting. I believe it has given me both great academic input and also expanded my network to many new places."

Jonas, Denmark
International IP Transactions


First-rate Program

 "I was really honored to be part of Bucerius Law School, even if just for one month. I found it stimulating, informative and idea-provoking. Also, it must be added that the overall organization of the program was first-rate. I have no hesitation recommending the program to anyone else!"

Emek, Turkey
International Business Law


Outstanding Campus

 "The campus with all its facilities is amazing. The 'nap room' was something I had never expected to find on a university campus, but it is a great facility. The library stood out for me as well, as did the green surroundings of the law school—great for studying and relaxing."

 Nynke, The Netherlands
International Business Law



"There are things to do for everyone—my highlights were staying up with classmates to prep for a moot trial, watching a full house ballet at the Staatsoper, sitting by a beautiful lakeside cafe on a Sunday afternoon and bathing in the sun at Timmendorf beach."

Jenny, Canada
International Business Law