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Program Approach

Explore the forces shaping global IP practice

The program is taught primarily by practitioners from leading firms who share their experience in interactive seminars. Together with participants from around the world, you will deepen your understanding of the forces shaping global IP practice. The diverse student body and faculty offers an ideal forum to exchange legal and cultural perspectives and for you to make personal and professional contacts from around the world.

Real-world application of theory

Study visits are a core element of the curriculum and enable you to discuss links between theory and industry strategy. Following introductions to two global enterprises and their areas of interest, you will learn more about current challenges facing corporate legal teams and the methods being used to address them.

Program sessions will incorporate resources from the World Intellectual Property Organization. As the world's most comprehensive source of data on the IP system, as well as of empirical studies, reports and factual information treating intellectual property, data supplied by WIPO will drive you and your peers to apply theoretical knowledge to obstacles encountered during international transactions. In addition to the sessions being held in Hamburg, you will also take part in an online course conducted by WIPO.

Guidance from experienced practitioners

Seminars and tutoring will enable you to address various elements of practice surrounding the transaction of intellectual property across borders and legal systems. To apply these concepts in a real-world setting, IP practitioners from major firms will guide you in negotiating the terms for a license agreement; this intensive two-day workshop will aid you in developing negotiation strategies that you can incorporate into your own practice and future endeavors.

Interactive learning and intercultural exchange

By working in small groups with students from different legal backgrounds, you will be able to gain valuable intercultural communication skills while acquiring in-depth knowledge in the field of international IP law and comparing perspectives with participants from across the globe.

Socratic-style course meetings promote interactive dialogue, inquiry and close cooperation with your peers and lecturers.

Jan Meents

Important Practical Training

From an employer's standpoint, Bucerius Law School's practice-oriented IP summer program is most welcome, as it provides potential hires with skills and experience that are often lacking in law school education.

Dr. Jan Meents
Managing Director, Sectors and Clients, DLA Piper

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