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Assessment & Credit

Earn credit toward your legal studies

Successful completion of the program will earn you both a certificate and academic credit.

Final Assessment

Each participant will receive a final grade for his/her merits in the program.

Your final grade will be determined by work completed on and the presentation of a capstone project (75%) and participation in individual sessions over the course of the three-week program (25%).

Preparation of the capstone project will require you to demonstrate your skills and abilities as part of a team with project groups being composed of up to four participants. While your project group will receive an overall grade, your contribution will be critiqued by the program's faculty to influence (raise or lower) your individual grade.

You will receive your assignment with sufficient time to create necessary documentation, e.g., mission/business model canvas, project report, as well as a sketch or prototype.

The grading scale ranges from A+ to F, with regular attendance and active participation required for a successful outcome.

Credit Load

Though not accredited by the American Bar Association, the program follows the ABA's standards for Student Study at a Foreign Institution to offer you credit for your undertakings; the course has been structured to provide a total of 5 ABA credits (60 hours of classroom time; one credit hour being equivalent to 700 minutes of classroom time).

If you are a European student, you can collect European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) points, which your home university may choose to accept toward your program of study. Successful completion of the program will provide 10 ECTS points.

If you are seeking to transfer credit, be sure to consult with your home institution before committing to the program to ensure that your participation will be recognized. Your academic advisor may be required to approve a foreign course of study in advance of the program.


All participants who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of participation and transcript of grades; if you are seeking to have credit recognized toward your degree program, you should explore the policies of your home university in advance of your participation.

Attendance and active participation in at least 80% of program activities (including lectures, seminars, workshops—both on- and off-campus—and group work sessions) is required in order to earn credit for the program.

Graduate Degree Credit

Did you know that the Bucerius Master of Law and Business offers a specialization in Legal Technology? Credit from this summer program is transferable to the graduate degree course! Discover an opportunity to remain in Hamburg for advanced study and benefit from a tuition discount.

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Marie Bernard

An ideal way to develop sought-after skills

Bucerius Law School's new summer program is an ideal way to develop the most sought-after skills for the future lawyer. Understanding technology and its application is crucial from an employer's perspective and could really make a difference in a career.

Marie Bernard
CEO, Nextlaw Labs

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