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Program Approach

Prepare for the digitization of the legal market

Are you interested in making use of technology to solve legal problems? Do you want to know how to accelerate technology adoption within the legal industry? Do you seek innovative approaches to changing how we deliver legal services to both companies and consumers? Or are you simply trying to make sense of artificial intelligence, data analytics and access to justice? Join us for an exciting journey!

Skills for a dynamic professional environment

The legal marketplace and our justice system are entering a period of profound change. Both technological and organizational advances are dramatically reshaping the way we think about law, provide access to justice and research legal knowledge. This program will provide you with a thorough understanding of the interaction between legal services, technology and the law itself.

Intensive study with leaders from academia and practice

A consequence of the excitement surrounding legal technology and innovation is that much of the current conversation is not supported by an understanding of issues underlying the topic. To combat this phenomenon and promote in-depth exploration and discussion, a team of faculty members will address legal technology from a variety of perspectives: lecturers bring with them years of first-hand experience and represent both academia and leading names in industry.

Your three-week stay in Hamburg will provide intensive study during core classes and a series of lecturers and discussions to complement in-class work.

Theory combined with real world experience

Courses begin with Socratic-style, interactive meetings to make sure you gain a solid theoretical understanding of material before you apply it to real world scenarios. Taking part in the program, you will solve challenges provided by industry partners, work with authentic data and design a project that connects all courses under a common theme.

Going beyond the Bucerius campus, participants in the Summer Program in Legal Technology and Operations will take part in a two-day excursion to Frankfurt am Main. In addition to being the Eurozone's financial capital, the city is also home to offices for most large international laws firms. During a weekend trip, you will take part in workshops at a prominent legal innovation hub and engage in discussion with practitioners from a leading alternative legal services provider with over 2,000 employees across three continents.

Roland Vogl

Prepare yourself for the tech-driven future of law

Spending three intensive weeks to learn about cutting-edge legal technologies, operations and processes from both U.S. and European experts is a great way to prepare yourself for the tech-driven future of law. I highly recommend the program to any lawyer looking to boost his/her understanding of the field while spending time in a beautiful city.

Dr. Roland Vogl
Executive Director of CodeX - the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics

Bucerius Summer Programs: Legal Technology and Operations - Mission Statement
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