Living in Hamburg

Weather and Climate

A temperate summer

The best time to visit Hamburg is in the summer, when average temperatures rise to the mid-20°s C and the chance of rain is reduced compared to the rest of the year. The city's many waterways and parks invite everyone to spend time outside soaking up the sun. Sometimes the temperatures even warrant a quick weekend trip north to take a dip in the North or Baltic Seas.

However, even in the summer months, Hamburgers know to carry a light jacket or cardigan as strong maritime winds can change the weather quickly and cloud cover can cause the temperature to drop, especially in the evenings. Hamburgers know to be prepared for everything and can often be seen carrying sunglasses as well as an umbrella. Generally, even if the weather is less than stellar, Hamburgers can hardly be deterred from venturing outside as they firmly believe that “There is no bad weather, there is only bad clothing.” 

The Inner Alster Lake in the sunshine
A Hamburger not allowing the weather to dampen his mood