Finding a place to live in Hamburg

Bucerius Law School will actively help you to find accommodation!

Bucerius does not have any on-campus or dormitory housing of its own. However, the campus is easily accessible by public transportation and the International Office assists you in finding suitable accommodation:

  • A limited number of apartments and rooms will be available on a sublet basis from Bucerius students leaving for their semester abroad in the summer and fall. Rent varies greatly, ranging anywhere between EUR 300 and EUR 650 per month depending on size and location.

  • The International Office also reserves a limited number of rooms in a private dormitory administered by the Studierendenwerk Hamburg. Dormitory housing is usually more affordable than apartment housing, but unfortunately there are not enough places to accommodate all students.

  • In addition, Bucerius has worked out a cooperation agreement with City Wohnen, an agency offering interim housing contracts.

All contact data and additional information about the housing market in Hamburg, including neighborhood descriptions and the most common abbreviations found in accommodation ads, will be provided once you have been admitted to Bucerius Law School.

Any Questions?

Sabrina Henning

Our Program Coordinator Sabrina will be happy to assist you! Send her an email or give her a call at +49 40 30 706 113.