Summer Programs

Assessment & Credit

Earn credit toward your legal studies

Successful completion of the program will earn you both a certificate and academic credit.

Final Assessment

Working with your peers, you will prepare and deliver presentations to treat each of the four core session topics and negotiate real-life cases. Your engagement and presentations will be assessed over the course of the program; these marks will be combined to determine your final grade, a measure of your overall performance.

A core component of the program is the organization and hosting of a one-day sports event for students of all three summer programs. The tournament will take place on the second Friday of the program. You will be responsible for: determining the sport disciplines and tournament rules, establishing the event schedule, coordination of players/teams, coaches, guests and orga team members, organizing training units, logistics such as equipment, communication, transport, security, medical care, catering and awards.

If your university requires that you take part in a final examination in order to transfer credit/a grade, this can be arranged.

Credit Load

The program follows American Bar Association (ABA) guidelines to offer you credit for your undertakings. Though not accredited by the ABA, the program is structured for a total of 5 ABA credits (60 hours of classroom time; one credit hour being equivalent to 700 minutes of classroom time).

If you are a European student, you can collect European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) points, which your home university may choose to accept toward your program of study. Successful completion of the program will provide 10 ECTS points.


All participants who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of participation and transcript of grades; if you are seeking to have credit recognized toward your degree program, you should explore the policies of your home university in advance of your participation.

Attendance and active participation in at least 80% of program activities (including lectures, seminars, workshops—both on- and off-campus—and group work sessions) is required in order to earn credit for the program.

Jodi Balsam

Common intellectual ground across cultural boundaries

The students in my Contract Drafting class impressed me with how ready they were to learn—from me and from each other. The Bucerius program represents the best of what legal education has to offer in terms of crossing cultural boundaries and finding common intellectual ground.

Prof. Jodi S. Balsam, Brooklyn Law School
Faculty Member, 2016 Program in Sports Law