Summer Programs

Program Approach

Gain skills for a future in sports law

Join advanced law students and recent graduates with a passion for sports and sports law for three weeks of intensive training in negotiation and contract drafting. In addition, you'll receive coaching from experienced German and international practitioners. To address the range of legal challenges faced by industry professionals, you'll work on a team to organize an actual sporting event here in Hamburg!

Practice-oriented challenges

Following seminars to review principles of drafting and negotiation, you'll delve into topics to learn about challenges that are unique to this area of practice. Applying your knowledge, you will engage in exercises and receive individual critique to further develop your skills.

As part of an international team, you will analyze real life situations and present your findings. These presentations will serve as the framework for discussion and in-depth exploration.

Intercultural and professional communication skills

Effective communication skills offer benefits that extend far beyond legal practice.

By working in small groups with students from different legal backgrounds, you will be able to gain valuable intercultural communication skills while acquiring knowledge in the field of sports law and comparing perspectives with participants from across the globe.

Workshops will enable you to improve yourself as a negotiator and public speaker.

Presentations that you deliver throughout the program will be critiqued to support you in developing your public speaking abilities.

Event organization

Learning new strategies is good; working with a team to develop them is even better; putting theory into practice in a real life situation is the best.

As you work through each module of the program, you will immediately be called upon to apply your skills: On the second Friday of the program, you and your peers will work with the Bucerius Sports Law Student Group to host a tournament here in Hamburg.

The event will be held at a local facility that has been rented for this purpose and attended by students and young professionals from the other Bucerius Summer Programs and will be followed with a social activity.


A great complement for bridging the gap

Not having much experience as a practitioner, I valued the summer program as a great complement in bridging the gap between in-depth academic education and practice-relevant aspects of problem solving.

Justus, Germany