Make Law Better – The Legal Innovation Agenda in Vectors and Phases

Datum: 13. Juni 2019
Zeit: 19:00
Ort: Moot Court (1.21)

Internationally known legal technology and innovation scholar and current visiting researcher Prof. Daniel M. Katz is talking about the legal system for the 21st century and how to make it work for a digital world. In a journey subject matter expertise to operational excellence he offers extensives thoughts on legal innovation. The lecture will address both implications for society as a whole and specific steps for every single one who is or plans to be in the business of law.

To get an idea of Dan's presentation style and the depth of his content, check out the video from his last lecture at Bucerius Law School on Youtube. The event is co-hosted with the Hamburg chapter of Legal Hackers, a global grassroots movement for those interested in exploring and developing creative solutions to some of the most pressing issues at the intersection of law and technology.

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