Program Structure

Exploring a company's lifecycle

The curriculum of the Bucerius Master of Law and Business is oriented along a single major theme – the founding and development of an enterprise – as it perfectly illustrates the relationship between legal and business issues.

By using the development of an enterprise as its structural backbone, the curriculum creates synergies among its various modules. After one year you are able to understand the legal and economic dimensions of the

  • Realization of an entrepreneurial idea
  • Founding of an enterprise
  • Transformation of the enterprise into a publicly-held company
  • Internationalization of a company
  • Merger with or acquisition of another firm
  • Restructuring of a firm with financial difficulties

The program takes a comparative law and business approach, allowing you to understand the similarities and differences between different legal and business systems.

Electives, Internship and Thesis

There are several ways in which students can specialize within the one-year curriculum, namely through the choice of the:

  • elective modules
  • 8-week internship
  • topic of the Master's thesis

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Two degree options: LL.M. or MLB

Depending on their specialization, students will be awarded one of two possible degrees:

  • Master of Law and Business (MLB) - available to all students
  • Master of Laws (LLM) - available to students with a first degree in law

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Specialization in International Arbitration

Regardless of the chosen track, students will follow various courses together as a group. This interdisciplinary way of learning enriches both classroom discussion and knowledge transfer.

The LLM degree can be obtained with a Specialization on International Commercial Arbitration.

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Challenging perspectives: Studium generale

Bucerius Law School is committed to educating young professionals who look beyond their social and intellectual horizon. That is why, in addition to the academic curriculum, the program includes a Studium generale which covers topics other than law or business as well as a Social Project.

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Bucerius Master of Law and Business - Program Structure
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