A buceriusly good start to the semester: the 2018 exchange program kicks off

International exchange students from 23 countries have been enriching campus life since the beginning of September

The first three weeks of the exchange program have successfully wrapped. Following a three-day orientation during which the 96 students from 54 universities became familiar with the local customs of their new environment, the academic program began with a course introducing German Law. In the four months leading up to the end of year, members of the group will select from 21 courses to explore subjects in international and comparative business law.

Bucerius professors, academics from German and foreign universities and practitioners from industry come together to lead courses on their areas of expertise. A wide variety of content enables students to focus on their personal interests during their time abroad. In addition to established topics such as "Internatonal Commercial Litigation," "Law Firms of Tomorrow" and "Business Mediation," a new course has been added to treat "The Law of International Organizations."

Following a long-standing tradition, the first week of the program concluded with a large potluck, the aptly named International Dinner. From Spanish paella and Polish pierogi to homemade sweets from Brazil, program participants and their German “godparents” went on a world tour of culinary delights. A quirk of this year’s program was the craft tent set up in front of the auditorium—armed with stencils, spray paint and fabric markers, those attending the dinner had a chance to let their creativity run wild in creating canvas bags. Whether with a heart, anchor, the stylized face of Gerd Bucerius—the Law School’s namesake—or a tagline like “buceriusly,” the messages and images adorning the bags will carry the Bucerius spirit out into the community and, in 2019, the rest of the world!


Lena Johannes, Balin Loftus (Program Manager Clifford Chance International Office)