Pioneering internationalization in German legal education

Bucerius Law School’s international approach to legal education remains a unique feature among German high education institutions. Our internationality presents itself in four main areas:

  1. International Research
  2. Global Partner Network
  3. International Study Programs
  4. Internationalized curriculum for our LL.B. students

International Research

Bucerius Law School is committed to promoting international research by developing sustainable collaborations that facilitate cross-border exchange among its academic faculty and doctoral candidates.

Bucerius Law School’s activities in the field of international research comprise regular research stays of our faculty members at institutions all over the world, welcoming foreign researchers for short and long-term research projects, and publications in English. Moreover, our faculty actively bring colleagues from around the globe onto our campus by hosting conferences, workshops and initiating academic projects, thereby opening the doors for professional exchange. 

Interdisciplinary Legal Research Program

This exclusive program promotes academic exchange for research on law and economics, law and society, law and psychology, empirical legal studies and legal theory.

Visiting Scholars

Bucerius Law School welcomes academics from around the world who would like to take advantage of our extensive library and networking resources. Scholars can apply year-round.

Doctoral & Post-Doctoral Studies

Foreign-trained lawyers may apply for doctoral and post-doctoral studies at Bucerius Law School. Find out which criteria need to be met and how to proceed with your application. 

Prof. Dr. Michael Grünberger

Part of our DNA

"Anyone who wants to discuss law, research it, shape it or even just apply it in a globally networked society should aim for an international perspective. International approaches are part of Bucerius Law School’s DNA. We want to foster the productive irritation that this exchange generates - whether it be for students, young or senior researchers."
Prof. Dr. Michael Grünberger, President of Bucerius Law School
Arpan Banerjee

A greatly enriching experience

"I have found my experience at Bucerius greatly enriching. The school is very international in its orientation, and attracts visiting faculty and students from all over the world. The professors are leading scholars who have connections with legal practice and the students are excellent."
Prof. Arpan Banerjee, Jindal Global Law School, India Visiting Scholar & 2017-18 Alexander von Humboldt Fellow


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Internationalization at home

Bucerius Law School challenges its students, faculty and staff to foster international competencies, develop foreign language skills and engage in projects that encourage cultural exchange – on an off campus.

Mandatory English-taught modules for German students

A high level of English language proficiency is a must for any applicants to the German-taught ErstesStaatsexamen / LL.B. Building upon this foundation, mandatory English-taught modules such as Contract Drafting and Anglo-American Law provide the linguistic skills necessary for work in trans-national practice. 

Bucerius Foreign Language Program

The Bucerius Foreign Language Program offers legal language courses in English, French and Spanish as well as general language courses in Mandarin and Arabic to provide the training needed for practice on a global scale.

Mandatory trimester abroad for German students

All students of the German-taught ErstesStaatsexamen / LL.B. spend a trimester abroad at one of the law school's partner universities. Required for graduation, the opportunity is designed to promote in-depth understanding of a foreign legal system while simultaneously boosting foreign language skills. 

International competitions

Coached by faculty members, Bucerius students regularly participate and place in national and international events such as Moot Courts, Model United Nations (MUN) or Law Without Walls (LWOW).

More about International Competitions

Student initiatives

Bucerius students regularly launch initiatives to address cross-cultural or cross-border issues, such as We Inform, which guides refugees in and around Hamburg through the myriad of local and federal support services available to them. Other initiatives include the Bucerius Law Clinic, which offers (multi-lingual) legal advice to low-income clients and Buceriushilft, which organizes family-friendly gatherings, activities for children, language courses and more for refugees in Hamburg.  

International exchange on campus

Cross-listed courses bring students from the German and the international study programs into conversation with peers from different backgrounds so that they may explore topics from varied perspectives. This proximity to international viewpoints is not limited to an academic setting: participating in extracurricular activities, sports and via a buddy network, students interact constantly and share campus facilities. 

Bucerius Intercultural Competence Pass

Bucerius students with a high degree of intercultural knowledge and practical intercultural experiences may obtain a special certificate to prove their competences. These may be gatherer through study and internships abroad, participation in workshops on intercultural theory, the demonstration of foreign language skills as well as social commitment in an intercultural context. Demonstrating familiarity with foreign legal systems and cultures is also part of the certificate. 

Foreign language training and mobility for non-academic staff

Foreign language proficiency and intercultural competence among university staff are crucial in developing an international orientation for the Law School. Bucerius Law Schools offers on-campus language coursework, academic and administrative staff mobility programs and participation in professional conferences and workshops offers an opportunity to gain these skills. 

Incoming and outgoing academic mobility

Faculty members extend their expertise through teaching abroad, participating in numerous conferences and conducting research stays at renown institutions. 

Visiting lecturers from legal institutions around the world ensure an international focus and a diverse perspective on legal issues shaping the world today.  

Education with international vision

"Bucerius offers legal language training to fulfill its mission of providing practically oriented legal education with an international outlook. With increased globalization, young lawyers are expected to work across national borders and therefore legal training coupled with language proficiency, is essential to becoming successful."
Lezel Roddeck, Director Foreign Language Communication Programme
Lucca Katharina Schlager

Studying abroad is an adventure

"Walking through the door on the first day at Bucerius, everyone is already eager to get abroad—and with good reason: a term spent in a foreign country is so much more than a well-earned break from the daily routine of a degree program. Studying abroad is an adventure that’s never forgotten. I was hardly back in Hamburg before the wanderlust set in again."
Lucca Katharina Schlager, Class of 2014

Career in a global marketplace

"Bucerius has had the vision to take legal education beyond its traditional national borders. Program curricula are designed to prepare young lawyers for their role in our now global marketplace. The school's distinguished international faculty and student body from all over the world make the experience unique."
Prof. Dr. Dana Beldiman, Squire Patton Boggs LLP, USA Academic Director, Licensing Transactions in Intellectual Property

International Study Programs

Bucerius Law School offers international programming in English that ranges from intensive three-week short courses to a one-year graduate program; curricula are developed to promote discussion and comparative exploration of topics facing today's legal practitioners and scholars. 

Master of Law and Business

English-taught | full-time 
EUR 25,000 

1-year interdisciplinary graduate program for talented young professionals with work experience

Bucerius Summer Programs

English-taught | full-time 
EUR 1,950 / 2,950

3-week intensive courses for advanced law students and young legal professionals

Visiting Students

English-taught | full-time 
EUR 5,200 

1-trimester study experience for advanced law students with excellent English-language skills 

International Exchange Program

English-taught | full-time

1-trimester exchange exclusively for students from Bucerius partner institutions 

Services to international guests

Bucerius Law School is committed to providing incoming international students and scholars with the highest possible level of administrative support in order to provide a carefree and enriching time abroad. 

Visiting scholars and incoming students may rely on the expert and experienced staff of the International Office before and during their stay at Bucerius Law School. Prospective students and participants of the Master of Law and Business are supported by the program’s very own MLB Student Support Team.

A very special student support

"The MLB Student Support Team truly is special. Not only does it assist students academically, it also helps with social adjustment and integration. In my view, no postgraduate institution beats Bucerius on this."
Edgar Kachere, MLB Alumnus from Malawi

A premier Law School

"The dedication of both the Bucerius faculty and the school’s administrative staff to assisting students is commendable - truly is a premier law school."
Rocker Mandipe, Exchange Student from the University of Cape Town
TAN Cheng Han

A stimulating experience

"With engaged students from many different jurisdictions, it has been a stimulating experience teaching at Bucerius. With its international and comparative focus, the school provides a valuable learning environment. In today’s global legal environment, the varied perspectives from different legal systems are invaluable to all aspiring legal professionals."
Prof. Tan Cheng Han, Visiting Lecturer, Dean City Univ. of Hong Kong

Global Partner Network

Bucerius is proud of its wide-ranging partnerships with prestigious higher education institutions worldwide, which – complimented by an active network of more than 2000 international alumni and supported by liaison offices in the USA and China – provide opportunities for student and faculty exchange, joint programming and professional development.

Bucerius Partner Universities

All university partnerships are managed by the International Office and cover student mobility, including exchanges within the ERASMUS+ framework.  

In addition, deeper bilateral collaborations with select universities have been developed and include joint study programs such as the Bucerius/UC Law San Francisco Summer Program in Licensing Transactions in International Intellectual Property, as well as research projects and academic events. 

Recognizing the importance of international experience and sharing expertise among colleagues, Bucerius also conducts administrative staff exchanges within its network. 

List of Partner Universities

Transatlantic Advisory Council (TAC)

The Transatlantic Advisory Council was established in 2019 to support Bucerius Law School’s interests in the United States. Its members have been part of the Bucerius Law School community for many years, be it as lecturers, full-time faculty or students and alumni. They know both Bucerius and the legal community in the United States very well. They give feedback on the law school’s U.S. strategy and offer assistance in connecting with the Bucerius community in the U.S. through events, such as lectures and other gatherings to foster the transatlantic exchange of ideas and to encourage identification with Bucerius Law School and its global community.

The Transatlantic Advisory Council cooperates closely with the Dean and the International Office of Bucerius Law School.

International Alumni

Bucerius is proud to be home to a growing body of international alumni from across the globe. In our short history, over 2200 international students from more than 60 countries have already spent a semester abroad at Bucerius, participated in the Bucerius Master of Law and Business, or have attended one of the Bucerius Summer Programs.

Recognizing alumni as a cornerstone within an academic institution, we want to nurture the bonds that exist between you and the Law School. As a Bucerius alumnus, you are a testament to the quality of education you received here. By keeping in contact with professors and staff, former classmates and future students, you not only advance yourself professionally, but enrich your social networks as well.

We warmly invite all former students to remain involved with the international Bucerius community. International alumni can join the official Bucerius Alumni Association and should keep their email addresses updated with the international office to stay informed about developments at Bucerius and alumni gatherings abroad. Contact Inga Diercks-Ferm to update your email address.


Bucerius alumni near you

In addition to our Hamburg-based activities, we encourage you to take advantage of the regional alumni chapters located around the world, and will gladly provide you with the names and e-mail addresses of members of the Bucerius community living in the city or area nearest you.

Alumni living in the United States

If you live in the U.S., learn more about the Transatlantic Advisory Council. If you have any questions about the Bucerius alumni community in the United States, please feel free to contact Inga Diercks-Ferm, Assistant Director.

Interested in opening a new chapter?

The International Office will be pleased to provide administrative guidance, ideas for events and activities, and structure for the group.


International alumni should also join the International Alumni LinkedIn group to stay connected.

All alumni-related questions can be addressed to Inga Diercks-Ferm.

Alumni events & reunions

The International Office organizes regional alumni get-togethers when the dean or team members travel abroad to provide opportunities to (re-)connect with other alumni and with Bucerius Law School.

The International Office also organizes international alumni "homecoming" reunions on campus in Hamburg, usually to coincide with other important events on campus, such as anniversaries.

Alumni will be notified of these events via email and the International Alumni LinkedIn group.

Past reunions and smaller gatherings have been organized in Paris, London, Chicago, Bogotá, Buenos Aires and New York.

Ordering transcripts

  • If you need a summer or exchange program transcript, please contact the International Office. Please check if a digital soft copy may suffice.
  • Please note that you will be charged a €50 contribution if your transcript has to be send via courier (FedEx).
  • MLB transcripts can be requested from the MLB Office directly.