Who we are

We venture on new paths.

To reform legal education in Germany and to represent the German legal community on the international academic stage – no smaller was the ambition of the Founding Commissionof Bucerius Law School in 2000. It is this courage to venture on new paths that keeps us pioneering legal education, research and practice every day.

We bring together.

Bucerius Law School is a platform for academic, professional and personal exchange that transcends boundaries of disciplines, languages and cultures, creating an open community, which profits from its diversity. The experiences we share and the challenges we master together make for the unique sense of togetherness we call the "Law School Spirit".

We are dedicated.

At Bucerius Law School, we commit to the highest quality in education, research and service to our students, and we pursue our goals diligently. At the same time, we expect all members of our law school community to develop their talents, to be willing to place them at society’s disposal, and to accept responsibility for themselves and for others.

It's great to be small.

That's why, at Bucerius Law School, the number of available places is limited, our administration is lean, the hierarchy flat. As a small law school we are agile and able to adapt swiftly and unbeaurocratically to the growing demands of the legal reality. And that's how we like it.

Non-profit and independent.

Bucerius Law School is a non-profitinstitution that receives more than half of its financial resources from one of Germany’s largest private foundations, the ZEIT STIFTUNG BUCERIUS. We are thankful and proud to be independent of public funding, as it grants us invaluable academic as well as managerial freedoms.

We know no bounds.

Bucerius Law School is highly internationalized, which was a unique feature at the time of its inception. International activities in education and research remain, to this day, a core aspect of our law school's portfolio. We also enjoy breaking boundaries between disciplines, for example with our Interdisciplinary Legal Research Program or our interdisciplinary Master of Law and Business.

Something different, please.

Our independence as a private law school allows us to mix things up a bit if we think it right and necessary. That is why we are able to deviate from the highly standardized model of German legal education and create a law school experience which is unique in Germany, from our customized admission procedure to our highly internationalized curriculum.

What we stand for


Research & Faculty

Excellent legal research

The legal research conducted at Bucerius Law School is shaped by a group of accomplished and exceptional personalities. Bucerius Law School sees itself as a place of academic encounters and dialogue and as a platform which facilitates contructively-critical exchange within and across legal research and legal practice.

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Institutes & Centers

Academic Initiatives

Visiting Scholars Program

Doctoral & Post-Doctoral Studies



Innovative legal education

Bucerius Law School encourages its students to accept extraordinary academic challenges and to develop their talents. We offer support and we demand commitment - and we provide an ideal preparation for a successful career.

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International programming for a career in global legal practice

Bucerius Law School offers international programming in English that ranges from intensive three-week short courses to a one-year graduate program; curricula are developed to promote discussion and comparative exploration of topics facing today's legal practitioners and scholars.

Master of Law and Business

Master of Law and Business

International Exchange Program

International Exchange Program

Bucerius Summer Programs

Bucerius Summer Programs



Service provider for the legal industry

Due to its intensive and continuing dialogue with a wide range of actors, Bucerius Law School is privy to the demands of the legal industry.

Bucerius Executive Education

Advisory Services - Executive Education - Center on the Legal Profession

This expertise on the legal industry is shared through the Bucerius Center on the Legal Profession (CLP) whose Executive Faculty functions as a driving force and expertise network for the development of educational and advisory services for the legal sector.

The insights gathered in the Bucerius CLP are turned into executive education programs and advisory services in "Bucerius quality" as well as innovative didactic conepts - on campus or in-houde - with customized and dedicated modular curricula.

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Bucerius Conference & Event Management

Conveying knowledge – Inspiring people – Creating memories

Are you looking for support in the conception, organization or execution of your next event? The Service Team of the Bucerius Conference & Event Management will make sure your next event is a success – either on our campus or at a location of your choice.

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20 Years Bucerius Law School

20 Years Bucerius Law School

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International Profile

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