Baker McKenzie sponsors excursion in Legal Tech Summer Program

Bucerius Law School is proud to announce sponsorship of its July 2019 program examining the future of law and legal services.

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While a rigorous curriculum will drive participants in the newest Bucerius Summer Program to spend much of their three-week Hamburg sojourn on campus, a new development will ensure that they also have an opportunity to gain professional skills in a setting beyond the brick-and-mortar bounds of the Law School—namely, in Frankfurt am Main.

Owing to a generous offer of sponsorship by Baker McKenzie, participants will again be able to take part in a two-day excursion to the Eurozone's financial capital for a series of workshops and discussions with practitioners who are keen to engage in legal innovation and tackle challenges facing the legal services industry.

During a weekend trip, members of the program will meet with representatives from the legal innovation project ReInvent Law and connect with professionals representing firms, in-house legal teams and alternative legal service providers.

Home to offices for most large international law firms, Frankfurt is rapidly becoming a hotspot for developments in legal tech—the spring 2018 opening of ReInvent Law, the first legal innovation hub in Continental Europe for which Baker McKenzie serves as a founding sponsor, illustrates the zeal of professionals in developing innovative approaches to Law. By embracing new technologies and seeking to optimize legal processes through interdisciplinary collaboration, the venture exemplifies ambitions for a tech-driven revolution in the field.

With innovation as a hallmark, the Bucerius community prides itself in working together with industry leaders: Bucerius Executive Education has committed to ReInvent Law by serving as its education partner; the academic directors of the Summer Program in Legal Technology and Operations look forward to a curriculum that will join participants with pioneering minds from the legal field.


Deadline: April 15, 2019

Applications for the Summer Program are being accepted until April 15.

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