Bucerius Alumni Association makes generous donation for 15-year celebration

Bucerius Alumni Association offers contribution to scholarship fund and research project

Marking what would have been the 109th birthday of Gerd Bucerius on May 19, 2015, the association of Bucerius Law School graduates joined the festivities surrounding the 15-year anniversary of their alma mater in making a generous donation.

A fundraising campaign among Bucerius Alumni Association members raised a total of 6,335 euros. Jan Wildhirth, President of the Association, was confident that he would be able to increase the endowment to 7,500 euros with help from the Foundation for the Support of Bucerius Law School. This increase would make available three new Germany Scholarships for students. Anyone wishing to support the initiative—or simply interested in discovering which cohort was particularly generous—should visit the homepage of the Bucerius Alumni Association (in German).

As if the fundraising campaign were not enough of a reason to celebrate, a second act of benevolence managed to raise spirits even higher: the Alumni Association made a contribution of 10,000 euros to the research project “Autonomy in Law.” Led by Professors Christian Bumke and Anne Röthel, the project builds upon the popular lecture series that has brought together experts from various fields to discuss the legal concept of autonomy.

Bucerius Law School offers its sincerest gratitude for these kind acts. The university administration has taken the support of a fundamental research project by an association of former students to be a sign of special appreciation for the research conducted at the institution.


Thies Hauck, Relations & Development