Bucerius Doctoral Candidates in Montreal

In 2009, Bucerius Law School joined the Association of Transnational Law Schools (ATLAS), a consortium which was founded to support international cooperation among doctoral candidates in the field of law.

At the heart of ATLAS is the Agora, a two-week intensive summer academy held each year at one of the member institutions. While the specific content of each event is determined by its hosting institution, course offerings are always complemented with lectures on legal methodology and doctoral workshops. In the latter, participants discuss their research foci and receive the feedback of both peers from abroad and supervising professors.

This year’s program was held in Canada at the Université de Montreal with representation by two Bucerius doctoral candidates, Ann-Catrin Brock and Clemens Keim.

“Perhaps the most meaningful insight that I took away from these two weeks is that the legal world is filled with many interesting areas of practice represented by an equally interesting mix of individuals. With respect to my own dissertation, I’ve returned to Hamburg with the knowledge that one must always be critical in examining himself and his work in order to determine whether he has chosen the correct approach and if there aren’t other angles from which to address a given problem,” said Keim in reflecting upon the event.