Bucerius Global Scholarship: Attracting Brilliant Young Minds From Around The Globe

We are pleased to announce the creation of the Bucerius Global Scholarship which provides full tuition and a living stipend for the MLB program.

The Bucerius Law School and its Master of Law and Business Program (LLM/MLB) are committed to attracting the most brilliant and inquisitive minds from around the globe. In this spirit, from the Class of 2018/19 onward, 2-4 outstanding young professionals from around the world will be selected each year to become Bucerius Global Scholars in the Master of Law and Business Program. Scholars will receive a full-tuition scholarship as well as a living stipend for their year of studies at Bucerius. The Bucerius Global Scholars will be chosen by a distinguished committee of Bucerius faculty, administration, alumni and representatives of an anonymous benefactor who has provided generous funding for the Bucerius Global Scholarships.

Interdisciplinary and diverse: the Bucerius Master of Law and Business

The Bucerius Global Scholarships reinforce the Master of Law and Business Program’s conviction that legal and business studies and research are no longer separate and nationally-oriented; rather, they are interdisciplinary and international endeavors that require a global perspective, both personally and professionally. Founded in 2006, the Master of Law and Business Program has brought together over 500 young professionals from over 80 countries to study at the intersection of international business law and international management. Master of Law and Business Program students, usually young professionals with a legal or business background, benefit greatly from the uniquely interdisciplinary Master of Law and Business Program curriculum and from the great diversity of the student body, a diversity that challenges each student’s perspective, creates an appreciation of others’ views, and leads to long-lasting international friendships.

The Bucerius community looks forward to welcoming the the first Bucerius Global Scholars in the fall.

*Preference will be given to applicants from emerging market economies. Applicants who are not selected for the Bucerius Global Scholarships will automatically be considered for other financial aid.

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