Bucerius Lab Lecture: What we dare to think (3/3)

Lecture and discussion. Part Three of the lecture series "Empty factories - full beaches? Humans and work in the digital age".

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Ever-increasing progress in digitalization offers, for the first time in humanity's history, a realistic possibility to free humans from unpleasant work and delegate it to intelligent machines. We stand at the edge of an era where we not only can but must redefine the meaning of "work."

Bucerius Lab will hold three lectures to consider fundamental questions: What outcomes may occur due to the further development of artificial intelligence and robots? What do we want? And what are we willing to do for it—politically, socially and personally?

Part Three: What we dare to think!

  • Anab Jain, Founder and Director of the Design and Exhibition Firm Superflux in London
  • Jan Ehlert, NDR (Host)

How might this new working world look? A place of beauty or one of dystopia? Will artificial intelligence lead our society because of its ability to better and more reliably assess our needs? Is it possible that a machine is not just a better worker, but also a better urban planner, journalist and politician? Will we fuse with technology to become working cyborgs? These scenarios are being created and simulated by scientists, activists, designers and others. What can we learn from them—and how can we mold actual progress to our desires?

This event will be held in English.

In cooperation with Bucerius # Lab, an Initiative of the ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius.