Bucerius Law School appoints Vassilios Skouris Affiliate Professor

At the graduation ceremony awarding the Bachelor of Laws to students who began their program of studies in 2012, Bucerius Law School appointed Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Vassilios Skouris, former President of the European Court of Justice, Affiliate Professor. Olaf Scholz, First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, was present for the event.

Vassilios Skouris, born in 1948 in Thessaloniki, became a judge at the European Court of Justice in 1999 and, from 2003-2015, served as its president. Skouris completed his state exam in 1970 after having studied law at the Free University of Berlin. In 1973, he received his doctorate at the University of Hamburg with a focus in constitutional and administrative law. From 1972-1977, he was a lecturer at the University of Hamburg; since 1978, he has served as a professor at various German and Greek universities. He has held numerous public offices, among them: Greek Minister of the Interior, Director of the Center for International Economic Law and European Law in Thessaloniki, President of the Greek Association for European Law, a board member of the European Academy of Law and President of the Greek Economic and Social Council.

The Dean of Bucerius Law School, Professor Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Katharina Boele-Woelki, praised Skouris as an outstanding jurist and noted that the Law School community "is looking forward to scientific discourse with a phenomenal jurist from whom we will all learn a great deal."

Bucerius alumna Isabella Neisinger, a graduate of the class that began in 2006, currently serving as Attaché at the German Federal Foreign Office, said in her speech: "You have reached a milestone in earning your Bachelor's degree. The door to the future is open wider than ever before, though perhaps you do not yet know which path you’d like to follow. If this is the case, it may help to know the paths that have been taken by those before you. I have pursued everything you can imagine; nevertheless—or, perhaps, precisely because of this—I am now in a position which satisfies me and provides great happiness."

Lale Meyer, former general secretary of the student body, and Contantin Glaesner, former student body treasurer, summarized in their welcome address to the graduating class: "What did our program at Bucerius Law School provide us and what we should take from this experience? Enthusiasm, perseverance, friendship and the courage to think and act outside the box without being arrogant."

During the ceremony, the Montblanc Award for best thesis and the prize for best seminar project, provided through the generosity of Dr. Konstantin Mettenheimer, were awarded. Niklas Ettwig received both honors. The Bucerius Alumni Association recognized Professor Dr. Christian Bumke with an award for outstanding teaching.