Bucerius Law School begins its International Exchange Program

Bucerius Law School’s international exchange program began on Monday, September 5th, welcoming students from all over the world.

The program hosts 92 students from 26 countries, with 29 of them coming from Bucerius partner universities in the U.S. Bucerius Law School is an ABA accredited university, meaning students from the U.S may obtain credit towards their U.S accreditation while studying abroad.

Students choose from a variety of courses in international law that gives them the knowledge and perspective they need to practice law in today’s interconnected legal world. The courses available in the exchange program range in topic from comparative law, to business, to energy law, and more. They are taught by an international faculty, with visiting professors from universities all around the world. For a full list of the courses offered in the BLS exchange program, click here.

We wish all of this semester’s international students the best of luck in their time at Bucerius Law School.

American Friends of Bucerius