Bucerius Law School integrates technology into its legal education

Bucerius Law School in Hamburg introduced a technology certificate this academic year. Students acquire a basic understanding of technology through four mandatory courses and optional project studies.

The technology certificate includes an introduction to computer science, to statistics and to programming for lawyers as well as a course on the ethics of technology use. The new offering is part of the studium generale studies program and is included in the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) that precedes the German state examinations.   The only program of its kind in Germany, this “Legal Technology” focus is the Law School’s response to the demands created by the digitalization of the legal practice. The technology certificate is made possible by financial support from Siemens AG and demonstrates Siemens continuing commitment to Bucerius Law School as a long-standing donor.

Professor Katharina Boele-Woelki, President of Bucerius Law School:

"With this technology certificate unanimously approved by our academic board, we want to stimulate the legal education landscape and show that innovation in legal education works. It also promotes a knowledgeable and critical engagement with technology, which is becoming increasingly important in the legal field.”

Dr. Andreas C. Hoffmann, General Counsel, Siemens AG:

"The technology certificate gives students the opportunity to focus on a specific topic and to prove their in-depth knowledge to future employers. Because understanding technology is extremely important for lawyers working in the tech industry, we are pleased to be able to make a contribution through this certificate.”

Dr. Ulrike Pluschke, Director of the Center for Studium Generale and Personality Development at the Bucerius Law School:

"Tech literacy is key for 21st century lawyers. As our students are encouraged to think outside the box, this certificate is an important addition to the studium generale program.”