Dr. Friederike Malorny appointed to Junior Professorship in Münster

Bucerius Law School continues to train outstanding young academics

Bucerius Law School is pleased to announce that Dr. Friederike Malorny, alumna of the School, will take up a position as Junior Professor of Civil Law and Labor Law at the University of Münster beginning on August 1st. The junior professorship has a tenure track to a full professorship.


Asked about her new job, Malorny said, "I'm enormously looking forward to the new challenge." The University of Münster enjoys an excellent reputation in terms of research and teaching. In addition, it is well connected internationally. "It's an environment where research will be enjoyable," says Malorny. She has been able to experience firsthand how valuable well-structured teaching can be. And this is where Malorny sees herself well positioned in Münster: digitization, interactive teaching and the use of innovative teaching methods are her focus there - in addition to research.

Malorny is also particularly pleased about the possibility of a tenure track: the junior professorship now occupied by Malorny is the first with a tenure track at Münster University.


With the junior professorship, Dr. Friederike Malorny can already teach in Münster while she is still working on her qualifying thesis. Her habilitation will be supervised by Prof. Dr. Matthias Jacobs at Bucerius Law School. Malorny is also full of praise for her alma mater: in addition to the outstanding teaching and research, she has always appreciated the family environment here. "The many interesting people at the law school contribute to a community with enormous support," added Malorny.

The teaching philosophy at Bucerius Law School contributes to making the university a special place: In contrast to the "typical" law curriculum, there is more repetition and in-depth phases that optimally prepare students for the state exam. "The concept thrives on commitment, of course. But it's equally important that the teaching formats offered appeal to all types of learners," say Malorny. After all, there is not just one type of learning method and therefore, not just one "ideal way" to learn.


Dr. Friederike Malorny hails from the 2008 bachelor class of Bucerius Law School. As part of her studies, she spent a semester abroad at the Paris Institute of Political Science in Paris. After successfully completing her first State Examination in 2013, Malorny worked as a research assistant at the Chair of Civil Law, Labor Law and Civil Procedure Law of Prof. Dr. Matthias Jacobs. While there, she wrote her dissertation entitled "The Liability of Trade Unions Towards Their Collective Bargaining Partners and Third Parties for Damages in the Event of Unlawful Strikes."

The work was honored with the KLIEMT - Dissertation Award and the Dissertation Award of the Hamburg Association for Labor Law. Dr. Friederike Malorny received a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation both during her studies and while doing her doctorate.

Malorny passed her second state examination at the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court in Hamburg in January 2021. Her legal clerkship took her, among other places, to the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe.

With her appointment as junior professor in Münster, Malorny is one step closer to her career aspirations. As a committed alumna – and recently also as a member of the advisory board of the Bucerius Alumni Association - she will remain with Bucerius Law School.


Arne Lemke, Florian Helwich, translated: David Patrician