Farewell, Internationals!

End of Exchange Program in International and Comparative Business Law

On December 21 2017, the farewell ceremony for the 2017 international exchange student cohort took place in the campus rotunda. Now in its 15th year, 89 students from 54 partner universities in 24 countries took part in the four-month exchange program and brought an international flair to campus. Among the participants, the International Office was especially happy to host two students over a newly formed partnership with Columbia Law School as well as a visiting student from the University of Pennsylvania.

The curriculum offered a wide range of practice-oriented courses in international and comparative business law. As in previous years, the well-established subjects “Business Mediation and Conflict Resolution” and “Practical Aspects of International Mergers & Acquisitions“ were two of the most popular. In addition, the International Office introduced two new subjects: “Comparative Environmental Law,” led by Professor Colin Crawford (Tulane University Law School), and “International Commercial Agreements in Practice,” led by Professor Avv. Marco Torsello (Università di Verona). Among the visiting lecturers was Professor TAN Cheng Han (National University of Singapore), who returned to campus for the second year in a row to give a seminar on “Comparative Law of Agency.”

As the International Exchange Program is more than “just” studying law, numerous extracurricular activities offered a break from the course schedule: sightseeing, museum visits, a tour to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, excursions to surrounding cities and a weekend in Berlin helped students get to know their host country a little better. It was a joy to witness students demonstrating a strong sense of team spirit and to see their extreme commitment to integrating themselves on campus. They organized several events in cooperation with the student union of the 2016 German LLB entering class and built friendships that will surely be long-standing.


Lena Johannes, Program Coordinator Clifford Chance International Office