From Students' Hearts to President's Desk

Dr. Yasser Motraji, our Arabic teacher, received a heartfelt surprise thank you from our Dean, Professor Boele-Woelk, for his exemplary teaching.

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A "thank you" from our president

In a delightful twist, students learning the Arabic language witnessed an unexpected moment of appreciation when Dr. Yasser Motraji, our Arabic teacher, received a surprise classroom visit from the dean, Professor Boele-Woelki.


Excellent evaluations

Professor Boele-Woelki expressed her gratitude for Dr. Motraji's teaching abilities, stating, "Dr Motraji consistently receives excellent evaluations from our students. He is a highly motivated and talented teacher who makes learning a challenging language like Arabic fun and engaging."


Professional, pedagogical background

Dr. Motraji, hailing from Latakia, Syria, holds a Ph.D. in Arabic Linguistics and Grammar from Tishreen University. Alongside his teaching roles at various institutions, he actively contributes to research, publications, and cultural engagements.

Dr. Motraji's teaching prowess is not only evident to the dean but also cherished by his students. They describe him as having the unique ability to make the Arabic language fascinating and ignite enthusiasm among his students by effortlessly simplifying complex concepts. The Arabic class provides a welcomed respite from the rigors of legal studies. One student commented, "Rarely have I experienced such a relaxed learning atmosphere, where through constant repetition, I can already grasp so much from the class before sitting down to study again." This student testimonial highlights the effective teaching approach of Dr. Motraji, where students benefit from a supportive environment and gain significant knowledge during class itself.


Motivation is key

He continuously challenges his students to give their best and embrace new learning opportunities within the limited time each week. He cultivates a pleasant working atmosphere, ensuring a lasting understanding of the subject matter. Student testimonials further state that he dedicates time to address questions and encourages active participation through his dialogue-oriented teaching style. His passion for teaching is palpable and instills a contagious enthusiasm for the Arabic language (and language in general) among our students.


Joyful learning experience that lasts

Dr. Motraji's unwavering commitment to making the learning experience enjoyable and engaging has not gone unnoticed. As a cherished member of our teaching team, he continues to inspire and guide students on their linguistic journeys, leaving an indelible mark on their lives.



Lezel Roddeck