Gerd Bucerius Prize for 2015

Commitment to Free Press in Eastern Europe

In recent months, the repression of free media in Russia has become even more extreme. As part of the Ukraine crisis, the pressure on independent media has become even more acute. The current, increasingly nationalist and anti- West sentiment has left little room for more objective news coverage. Also in other countries of Eastern Europe, the situation of the independent media is worrying. In the Ukraine, many journalists have chosen to go into politics to reaffirm their ideas of a free society, further weakening the journalistic field. All in all, the growing tensions in Eastern Europe are threatening – especially for the work of journalists and in the media generally. With worsening working conditions and extreme pressure it makes working as a journalist increasingly difficult.

In light of these circumstances, the ZEIT-Stiftung will also be awarding the Gerd Bucerius Prize for Free Press of Eastern Europe in 2015. Together with the Norwegian partner Fritt Ord Foundation, the current nominations can be downloaded in Russian, German and English. Closing date for nominations was November 10, 2014.