How important is Legal English for German lawyers?

Legal English is the Lingua Franca of International Legal Practice

"Astonishingly important, especially if 80% of your work is in English." Wise words from Clifford Chance Partner, Dr. Arne Klüwer, who in December 2014, took time out of his busy Capital Markets, Banking and Finance practice in Frankfurt to provide valuable practical insight to first year Bucerius Law School students on the importance of legal English for German lawyers at international law firms. In his own words, "English is the Lingua Franca of cross-border legal transactions, well at least for now - that's before Chinese takes over." And what of Spanish and French?"  Also valuable, but for the moment, English trumps. When asked about critical skills for law students, it comes as no surprise that negotiation and mediation skills were recommended as essential. Luckily, students at Bucerius Law School are spoilt for choice.

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Lezel Crook, Director Foreign Language Communication Programme