Meet: Prof. Ghosh - from the Syracuse University College of Law

A research project by Dana Beldiman and Shubha Ghosh on the impact of IP Rights on the Organization of Enterprises

In 2019, Bucerius Law School is proud to welcome Professor Dr. Shubha Ghosh from Syracuse University College of Law as a Distiguished Visiting Researcher at the Interdisciplinary Legal Research Program at Bucerius Law School.

Professor Ghosh is a leading law and economics scholar and especially known for his publications on intellectual property. At Bucerius, Profesor Ghosh works on a joint project with Professor Dr. Dana Baldiman, Academic Director and Founder of the Center for Transnational IP, Media and Technology Law and Policy. Professor Ghosh's current research on legal tech points to its promise in improving legal practice through predictive analytics. Scholarship from two decades ago uncovered cognitive biases such as the endowment effect, framing, and failures in probabilistic analysis that distorted legal decision making.

Professor Beldiman and Professor Ghosh explore the intersection of these two lines of scholarship. Can legal tech help in addressing cognitive biases in legal decision making? Or does tech pose the risk of exacerbating these biases, making them more difficult to contain? By examining current legal tech products and services and practices within the legal profession, Professors Beldiman and Ghosh identify ways in which legal tech can potentially make the tech enhance lawyer more agile in avoiding the biases that can distort legal decision making.