Interview with Milena Radosavljevic, MLB 2016, Serbia

Milena Radosavljevic graduated with an outstanding score the MLB with Specialization in Commercial Arbitration

I was introduced to the dynamic world of dispute resolution when I had the honor to be part of the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot two years ago. Preparing for the Vis Moot for approximately eight months made me realize that dispute resolution is the pith and the core of the law practice itself. Arbitration has a particularly special place in the dispute resolution system as it is quite flexible and therefore often used for solving international disputes. That is why I see myself as a practitioner in this area of law.

When I passed by the Bucerius Law School desk at the Willem C. Vis competition in Vienna, the exquisite program and scholarship Bucerius offers for students interested in International Commercial Arbitration caught my attention. The reason this program looked so unique to me is the fact that it does not only offer a course taught by one of the leading arbitration experts, Professor Dr. Stefan Kröll, but it also provides valuable insight into the business world- and that is “the story behind” every dispute.

So I was more than thrilled to apply to this program and to the Vis Moot Scholarship, rather than to a program solely focused on the legal aspects of arbitration. Luckily, this program offered me, as someone who seeks a career in the dispute resolution world, more than I ever expected. Learning the logics of business, taught by Germany’s most eminent professors and practitioners, gave my perspective of dispute resolution a whole new dimension. Understanding the business world makes a dispute lawyer understand the nature of the dispute completely, which is certainly a comparative advantage given to every lawyer who goes through the Specialization in International Commercial Arbitration. I deeply believe that the worldwide uniqueness of this Program comes from its perfect approach towards legal and business issues – perceiving them in a comprehensive manner, considering them from both the legal and business side as well as taking theoretical and practical aspects into account.

I am more than flattered to be the first recipient of the Vis Moot Scholarship here at Bucerius, as I got everything that I wanted from a master program – attending lectures given by the best of Germany’s lawyers, keeping my perseverance and diligence in International Arbitration, but also broadening my general understanding of law by reaching into the world where it all comes from - the world of business decisions.