Interview with the Exchange Students Representatives

Just before Christmas, Bucerius Law School concluded its 2018 Program in International and Comparative Business Law.

This year, 96 students from 54 partner universities participated in the four-month exchange to Hamburg. Two of them, Andrea Crespo (University of Texas School of Law) and Kira Kuhnert (University of Miami School of Law) took on a special role as elected student body representatives for their class. In this capacity, they served as a liaison between students from partner institutions and local administration. Before returning home, the duo shared their experience as exchange students and student representatives at Bucerius. 

The diversity of the exchange student cohort was a feature of the program that both women especially enjoyed—with more than 20 nationalities represented, they were able to learn not only about Germany, but also a range of countries spanning the globe. Complementing the legal training of their home universities, exchange students spend their term in Hamburg within an international group, such that courses focus on multiple approaches to law. “Classes were very well-rounded and introduced legal perspectives of various cultures and countries.”

Not having been to Hamburg before, Andrea was surprised by the ease of being able to travel to smaller towns in the region. “Outside the classroom, the dynamic of the exchange group felt very inclusive, which made it a pleasure to discover the area together.” Beyond their own explorations of Germany by bus and train, program participants took advantage of trips organized by the International Office. These outings enabled many students to experience more of Germany than they might have expected before heading abroad.

Both Andrea and Kira took pleasure in having served as student representatives and considered having been chosen for the role to be a great honor. In reflecting upon the term, they felt the most important part of their duty was in understanding the various needs presented by the diversity of the exchange student body. The student representatives were committed to help all students having a great exchange experience and proactively worked with the International Office in order to find solutions for all needs the students had. They were called upon to make themselves available and approachable to their peers and solicit their needs and opinions. Throughout the term, they provided helpful feedback to university administration.

Bucerius Law School would like to thank Andrea and Kira for their commitment in having served as student representatives!