Master Students visit Germany's Start-up Hotspot

Disruptive, accelerator, AI-Tech, innovator… just a few of the buzzwords and concepts that greeted the MLB students during the Program’s 5th start-up study trip to Berlin. The trip kicked off on 6th November with a full and exciting program.

In no other German city is the start up culture so evident.  In countless courtyards, converted factory buildings and modern co-working spaces, entrepreneurs and innovators are working hard to transform life as we know it in so many ways.  During the 4-day trip, students and staff had the opportunity to gain insights into the operations of several companies, start-ups and law firms which are active in very different sectors.

The group visited the following:

  • TalentRocket: A platform that connects junior lawyers with law firms and companies
  • Lacore Rechtsanwälte: A law firm with expertise in supporting the start-up industry
  • Atlantic Labs: A VC company investing capital at pre-seed and seed stage of the startups development
  • Zenjob: A job platform matching the needs of students with that of companies requiring on-demand staffing
  • Freshfields Legal Services Center (LSC): LSC providing services for process-driven aspects of client work
  • Deposit Solutions/Savedo: An open banking platform connecting banks and depositors across Europe
  • Gansel Rechtsanwälte/GDR: A law firm using specially developed legal tech to manage large number of clients concerned by the Diesel Scandal
  • CrossLend (FinTech):  A cross-border marketplace lending platform
  • solarisBank: A FinTech company with a banking license enabling other businesses to offer fully digital and compliant financial services to their end-customers
  • APX by Axel Springer and Porsche:  Early stage investor and start up accelerator
  • Hermann’s: A Food-Startup-Hub, all-day restaurant, event location, test kitchen and film studio in one
  • Getsurance: Digital platform offering life insurance products and reshaping the European insurance industry

As has become a tradition, a dinner event bringing together current students with MLB alumni living and working in Berlin also took place. Here there was the chance to meet new people, to reach out and expand networks as well as to enjoy a great evening with delicious food and drinks.

In conclusion, the visit to Berlin provided an inspiring look at the vibrant and colorful start up scene and allowed the students to gain different perspectives and understand the different needs, trends, players and events that surround this rapidly-growing industry. The MLBs certainly broadened their horizons and opened themselves to explore different fields where there are abundant opportunities to thrive in this exciting world.


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