Meet: Mindy Duffourc – "Researcher from the NYU"

Researcher Mindy Nunez Duffourc from New Orleans examines legal liability for medical AI. Part of her research takes place at Bucerius Law School.

What is the major focus of your research in the US and here?

I'm visiting from New York University Law School, where I am an Acting Assistant Professor of Lawyering and lectures in the Master of Science in Health Law and Strategy program. My current project examines legal liability for medical AI.

While medical liability is traditionally governed by national or regional law, the emergence of new health technologies is transforming medical practice into an increasingly global endeavor, which demands new international legal perspectives.


Why did you choose to research in Germany, and here in particular? 

I began researching comparative health law in Germany in 2016 as an Alexander von Humboldt German Chancellor Fellow, and my doctoral dissertation examines a healthcare organization’s duty to conduct risk management in the U.S. and Germany, so Germany is always a natural starting place for me when seeking international perspectives.

Additionally, the Bucerius Medical Law Institute and Professor Prütting are doing great interdisciplinary work in this area and served as great resources for me.


What was the most rewarding aspect of your stay here? 

The most rewarding aspect of my stay was the ability to discuss my current research with colleagues. I made invaluable connections with both scholars at Bucerius Law School and other visiting scholars from around the world. Every conversation I had provided valuable insight for my work and led me to resources that I wouldn’t have otherwise discovered. For others, I recommend reaching out to the International Office, which was fantastic in helping me coordinate my stay, and to any professors at Bucerius Law School in your field.


How did you feel about living and settling in Hamburg?

Hamburg is stunning in the spring/summer. The flowers are in bloom, the beer gardens are open, and the city is bustling. I love how easy it is to get around Hamburg (and Germany generally) with public transport.

Also, I am from a fishing community near New Orleans, so I always appreciate being near the water, and the public spaces in Hamburg make it accessible for everyone. The biggest challenge for me was finding friends to enjoy the city with during my stay.


Ms. Duffourc, thanks for the interview.