MLB 10-Year Anniversary Reunion!

Ten years have passed since the first group of MLB students arrived on the Bucerius campus in 2006. A lot has happened in the MLB Program, at Bucerius and around the world since then, and we think it's high time to catch up.

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We invite MLB graduates to come back to their old stomping grounds in August 2016 to find out what's changed and what has remained the same on campus and in the city that we hope many of them still consider a second home.

The reunion program offers various activities and the opportunity to catch up with long lost friends: a dinner reception at Gosslerhaus, the chance to get an insight into the world of the hard of hearing or deaf community at "Dialogue in Silence", a visit to the Bucerius Kunst Forum, canoeing on the Alster, having a beer at the Schanze, the traditional Alumni BBQ on campus and the graduation ceremony!

All Alumni of the Master of Law and Business Programm are invited. For more informations, please contact Lena.