MLB Alumni Reunion

Around 100 alumni returned to their old stomping grounds to celebrate 10 years of the Master of Law and Business Program.

Ten years have passed since the first group of Master of Law and Business students arrived in Hamburg to add a little bit more international flair to the Bucerius world. The MLB Program has welcomed and bid farewell to over 400 students from more than 90 countries over the years. A lot has happened since the summer of '06 and at the end of August, it was finally time for a big reunion.

Around 100 alumni followed the invitation and travelled from countries as far as Brazil and Mexico. The MLB Team was excited to have so many familiar faces back on campus and planned a special program in order to celebrate the jubilee and to rediscover the city of Hamburg in beautiful weather. The festivities started on Friday evening, August 26, with a dinner at the Gosslerhaus in Blankenese, where the graduates, together with Professor Clifford Larsen, Dean of the program, reminisced about their year at Bucerius until late into the night. On Saturday afternoon, the alumni were spoilt for choice: museum, water activities and beach club were on the reunion agenda. Some experienced a whole new world at “Dialogue in Silence” and got an insight into non-verbal communication. A deaf guide led the group – that was deprived of their hearing by highly effective sound protectors – through the museum. Others immersed themselves in Hieronymus Bosch’s century paintings at the exhibition “A World Upside Down” at the Bucerius Kunst Forum. After the cultural part, conquering the Alster channels by canoe was great fun and in some cases very refreshing. The beach club in the Sternschanze was the perfect spot to let the reunion’s second day fade away.

On Monday evening, the annual BBQ took place, during which the alumni could also get to know the newly-arrived students of the MLB Class of 2017 and once again expand their networks beyond their own class. The reunion ended with another joyous celebration: the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2016 and the ceremonial enrolment of the Class of 2017.

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Lena Johannes, Program Assistant