MLB student Davit at Law Without Walls in Segovia, Spain

Davit Gvenetadze attended the LWOW Sprint to find innovative solutions to pressing issues at the intersection of law+business+technology

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From 25 – 27 March 2022, Davit Gvenetadze, a Master of Law and Business student at Bucerius Law School took part in the three day LWOW Sprint event hosted by IE University in Segovia.  Over the course of 3 intense and challenging days, talented, multidisciplinary teams made up of a mix of intergenerational legal and business professionals, academics, and law/business school students from around the world worked together to solve real business-of-law problems and social responsibility challenges. 

The Sprint 2022 followed the innovative 3-4-5 method (3 Phases-48 Hacking Hours-5 Stages) and included collaboration exercises, intensive hacking as well as a mini-composium. Davit talked to us about his experience.


Why did you chose to participate?

Law Without Walls was an excellent opportunity for my self-development. It practically united the fields of business and law through intense training and triggered us, the participants, to combine our knowledge, intellectual potential, and skills for finding the key solutions to legal and business issues under limited deadlines.

I understand that achieving success in academic and professional settings requires constant training and education. I perceive professional development as a tool to equip me with the necessary skills to succeed in various lines of work. It would not be surprising if I say that professional learning is more than just an occasional and narrow-scope training. Therefore, I always try to participate in interdisciplinary courses and training programs to broaden my eyesight, strengthen my skills and earn new ones.


What´s the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about the LWOW experience?

Most of all I liked that LWOW gathered talented and motivated students, together with deserved and experienced professionals and academics from various universities, companies, firms and authorities.

How intensive was the preparation for the pitches?

For me, the first biggest challenge was the unfamiliar topic assigned to our team.

Another big challenge was the tight deadlines on most of the tasks during the sprint. As I was rather inexperienced in the topic I needed more time to acquaint myself with certain concepts, their characteristics, consequences of practical usage, and so forth. Of course, the LWOW team knew this tendency among the students and even some mentors, so they asked each team to nominate a timekeeper. This strict time control helped us proportionately divide time to different tasks.

The third challenge was public speaking in front of a wide audience, and since I had no prior experience in this regard, I was very tense at the beginning supposing that something might not work well. Fortunately, during the presentation, I delivered a good speech and now think that this barrier can be fully overcome after diligent preparation, and high concentration.


What inspired you most on this tournament?       

In my observation, besides academic and professional purposes, LWOW also has social goals as it supports establishing friendly relationships among attendees. I am glad that my team – iManage brought together highly motivated intellectuals with complementary skills and expertise from different academic, and professional backgrounds, all ready to work in an interdisciplinary setting and contribute to the common goal.


Will you stay in touch with your team members?

For me, it was a great networking experience and besides my team, I was acquainted with many others during the sprint. We connected on social media and will stay in touch in the future.

It is great that the team relationship has not ended together with the competition but continues now. The team knows that I am waiting for the PhD scholarship decision and the British teammates are now waiting to meet me in the UK in September.

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