MLB student Jagruti at Law Without Walls in Segovia, Spain

Jagruti Kumar attended the LWOW Sprint to find innovative solutions to pressing issues at the intersection of law+business+technology

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From 25 – 27 March 2022, Jagruti Kumar, a German Master of Law and Business student at Bucerius Law School took part in the three day LWOW Sprint event hosted by IE University in Segovia. Over the course of 3 intense and challenging days, talented, multidisciplinary teams made up of a mix of intergenerational legal and business professionals, academics, and law/business school students from around the world worked together to solve real business-of-law problems and social responsibility challenges. 

The Sprint 2022 followed the innovative 3-4-5 method (3 Phases-48 Hacking Hours-5 Stages) and included collaboration exercises, intensive hacking as well as a mini-composium. Jagruti talked to us about his experience.


Why did you chose to participate?

Post working for 5 years at law firms, I had come to an understanding that I need additional skills and knowledge to optimize and provide better legal solutions. The paths I saw to increase my skills and knowledge were through legal innovation, design thinking, strategic thinking and understanding of the functioning of businesses. The LWOW program is designed exactly for this purpose. I also liked the fact that you get a chance to collaborate and solve a problem rather than it just being theory. Given the above, it was a no-brainer for me to choose to participate.

What´s the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about the LWOW experience?

A fun interactive experience focused on innovation and collaboration in the legal sphere.


How intensive was the preparation for the pitches?

The 3 days in Segovia were quite hectic and solely invested in the LWOW experience. The pre-Sprint exercises and reading only require couple of hours of investment each week. 


What inspired you most on this tournament?

The people. Right from the organizing team, the huge number of 'participants', to the team with whom I worked for 3 days. If nothing else (while my personal learnings are far more), anyone who participates will get to interact and work with a diverse group of people, understand a lot about the workings of at least 1 company\law firm, and learn a few quips and tricks in problem solving.  


Will you stay in touch with your team members?

Yes, at a professional capacity.

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