MLB Students Participate in LWOW at Harvard University

Every year, Master of Law and Business students participate in the international program "Law Without Walls"

Law without Walls (or “LWOW”) is a part-virtual program that brings together students, lawyers, business professionals, venture capitalists and academics from all around the world to work together toward a common goal: solving tomorrow’s problems in legal education and practice.

The LWOW Original program started with a Kick-Off session that took place on January, 14th and 15th at Harvard University. This year, Bucerius Law School was represented by Master of Law and Business students Trinidad Alonso from Spain, Joshua Ajamu from the US/Nigeria, Ivet Huamán from Peru and Hannah Dellemann from Germany. The Bucerius students did not work together as one team but formed international teams with other students from around the world.

On the first day, each team was assigned a specific problem in legal education and practice. Over the next two days, they had to begin developing a technological solution to the problem. At the end of the Kick-off session, each team had to pitch their solutions in form of business models in front of all LWOW participants. This exercise provided a small glimpse at what the teams are going to work on during the next three months. They are going to work in virtual sessions developing an innovative business idea addressing the assigned problem and present it to a LWOW jury at Miami University in April. The goal of this exercise is not only to develop a real-life solution but to also hone the participants’ teamwork, entrepreneurial and idea generation skills.

The Kick-Off event saw students and professors from the world’s leading universities, including Bucerius Law School, Harvard University, University College London, and ESADE, as well as legal and business practitioners from well-known law firms and companies such as Spotify, Clifford Chance LLP, Microsoft and LATAM Airlines.

Ivet Huamán, MLB student


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