MLB Students Succeed at LWOW

MLB students won several awards during the Law Without Walls competition at the University of Miami

The LawWithoutWalls Original ConPosium is the culmination of all international student team’s dedication, hard work and commitment to their individual topics in creating and developing their Projects of Worth for the past three months. At the ConPosium, which took place the University of Miami on April 22 to 23, 2017, the teams presented their projects to a multidisciplinary panel of judges, including academics, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. In addition, the audience also evaluated each project, selecting winners for most substantive, most viable, most creative, and an overall winner.

The Bucerius Master of Law and Business Program had a strong showing with student representatives on four different teams that developed thought-provoking and genuine Projects of Worth. Ivet Huamán from Peru, gave an insightful background on how law firms and SMEs are the weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity during her team’s presentation of “HAYVEN,” a platform that would allow law firms to provide cybersecurity services to their clients. Hannah Dellemann from Germany helped BUPA, an international health care group, find a way to relieve the in-house legal team from the overwhelming and repetitive task of reviewing all marketing content. Her team’s presentation of Creative Licence, an artificial intelligence based tool that will automate the review process of marketing content, was selected as “most creative”.

Furthermore, Trinidad Alonso from Spain was part of the “LEA” (Legal Expertise Aggregator) team sponsored by Eversheds, a British multinational law firm, and was voted as “most viable” for their sleekly designed app that helps lawyers aggregate all their legal news in one location.

Finally, Joshua Ajamu from the United States and Nigeria was part of the overall winning team for their web and app-based platform “Ithaca” that aims to connect refugees to lawyers specializing in asylum applications, family reunification, and age verification procedures. In addition, the platform will provide translation services, a secured place for refugees to store and secure their important documents, and a knowledge base where lawyers and refugees can have access to important immigration policies. This project was sponsored by Janders Dean, a legal industry management consulting firm.

The ConPosium was a celebration for all the late and long nights, technology mishaps, deep dive research, webinars, and the long distance teamwork each team endured and persevered through to create their ingenious Projects of Worth. Based on the outstanding work of the students, some of the projects presented are currently being evaluated for realization into real businesses.

LawWithoutWalls is a unique and outstanding international program that pushes the boundary of legal education, legal practice, and technology in breaking traditional institutionalized and bureaucratic walls.


Joshua Ajamu, MLB 2017