MLB Study Trip to Brussels - Students visit the Heart of Europe

Brussels is the unofficial capital of the European Union and an international hub for arts and culture. So it is no surprise that this May was the seventh time that the MLB Program at Bucerius Law School with students from all around the globe chose to take a trip to Belgium to visit important institutions and to see the cradle of the European Union.

Oftentimes European citizens feel that EU institutions only consist of technocrats in their ivory tower in this remote place called Brussels. Imaginably, this multi-country alliance must seem even more complicated to people from abroad. However, the EU has established the longest period of peace on the European continent ever and brought 28 sovereign nations together in an ever-closer Union. Therefore, it is important for the multinational student body of the MLB Program to see and comprehend the functioning of this economic-political Union.

The Master’s Program nurtures an innovative, entrepreneurial approach at the interface of law and business on an international level, which also includes the European business environment and important EU law making processes.

Studying EU regulations in a classroom is only part of building competence in EU-wide matters - Alumna Georgiana Capraru Ianus invited the MLB Program to join her at the European Commission for a day and gave invaluable insights into the functioning of the Commission and its importance in making the EU a stronger global actor. Moreover, based on Bucerius’ long-standing relations and extensive corporate network around the globe, the students were also able to visit Covington & Burling’s Brussels office. This truly international law firm explained what it means to work in a highly diverse and complex market and offered the chance to talk to their HR department about future job perspectives.

Despite the exciting professional agenda, students had the time to explore Brussels on their own and were invited to take part in a comic strip tour, which featured murals all across the city. The trip concluded with a visit of Bruges, a beautiful medieval city almost untouched by time. It was a nice getaway from the busy streets of Brussels and highlighted Europe’s multifaceted nature.

The MLB Program undertakes great efforts to combine academic studies with relevant practical projects to enhance students’ experiences at Bucerius and to beautifully prepare them for all future endeavors.


Klaus Heinisch