Head of Recruiting and Admissions Inga Diercks on the importance of participating in the 2-week orientation period.

The Master of Law and Business Program is now in full swing. After two exciting weeks of getting to know each other, the MLB Team and the city of Hamburg, the Class of 2017 began the program in earnest on September 5.

The Class of 2017 has 44 members that hail from 27 countries around the globe. While most of them either have a business/economics or law background, some of them hold degrees in fields such as international relations, psychology, food science and public health, adding their own unique “outsider’s view” to the intersection of law and business.

Every year, the Master of Law and Business Program begins with a 2-week orientation period.  While attendance is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Moving to a new country or maybe just a new city is always a challenge and students should allow for some time to settle in.

Orientation gives the new students the opportunity to slowly adjust to life at Bucerius without the high-pressure demands of the later courses. During orientation, students can get to know each other and the staff through various group outings to explore the Hamburg harbor by boat, to have a friendly competition on a bowling alley and to celebrate the achievements of their peers whose graduation takes place during the second week of orientation.

The orientation period also affords the students the time to take care of essential administrative matters, such as opening a bank account, applying for a student residence permit, learning more about the course selection and the requirements for the mandatory internship. In addition to these administrative issues, students can also take preliminary business and law course to familiarize themselves with business math, the European/ German legal system and the particularities of taking law exams in Germany.

While it may be tempting to enjoy another two weeks with friends and family who may be sorely missed during your studies abroad, I strongly recommend that you see the orientation period as a chance for a smooth transition to your new life in Hamburg.


Inga Diercks, Head of Recruiting and Admissions