Scholar Profile: Cale Curtin

Cale Curtin is one of our recent Bucerius Global Legacy scholars, who spent last semester at Bucerius Law School. Cale is from Guthrie, Oklahoma, and is pursuing his JD at the University of Virginia. Cale shared some of his experience in Hamburg with us in the profile below.

Article from American Friends of Bucerius

Why did you decide to study abroad?
Experience abroad is valuable for both personal and professional reasons. Employers recognize an increasingly global market and having studied abroad in undergrad, I knew how personally enriching an exchange program could be. Unless I am able to work abroad at some point in my career, this was my last opportunity to spend time living in another country.

Did you do any traveling during your stay?
I tried to balance the opportunities to travel while in Europe with the experience of living in Hamburg and spending a good number of weekends in the city. That being said, during your semester there is plenty of time for travel and I was able to see Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and several other cities in Germany.

What were the highlights of your experience?
There are too many highlights to list, but the common denominator in all of them is the other students on the exchange. The people truly make the experience and we had an amazing group. It is a really unique opportunity to spend time not only with students from Germany, but countries all over the world.

Is there one story or experience that stands out to you the most?
During our mid semester break, a friend and I went on a six-day hiking trip through the Black Forest in southern Germany. We hiked over 200 kilometers including Germany’s highest peak outside of the Alps. I enjoy visiting cities, but really love to see the landscape and small villages of the more rural parts of a country. By hiking from village to village I felt like we really got to experience Bavarian culture. The trip was definitely a highlight of my time abroad.

Do you feel like you have been changed at all by the past few months? If so, in what way?
It is probably impossible to spend several months living in another country and not be changed. Living abroad causes you to grow as a person and learn to handle challenges you wouldn’t experience at home. The people you encounter and relationships you build cause you to think about things in new ways and gain a better understanding of different cultures.

What’s the one thing you brought with you that you couldn’t go without?
Passport and Credit Card; if you have those two things you can survive anything.

What’s next for you?
I will finish law school and graduate in May of this year. After graduation I plan to start working as an associate in the Corporate Practice of Baker Botts in Dallas, Texas.

We wish Cale the best of luck in his pursuits! If you are planning to attend Bucerius Law School's study abroad program, summer programs, or Master's of Law and Business Program, you can apply for the Bucerius Global Legacy Fund scholarship too. Applications open on February 6, 2017.