Students Shine in Common Law Moot Court

Accomplished students showcased legal acumen in a compelling climate change case at the 17th annual Bucerius Common Law Moot Court competition.

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In a momentous culmination of the 17th annual Bucerius Common Law Moot Court competition, a group of accomplished students exhibited their legal acumen in a compelling case involving climate change migrants.

Moot Problem: Nubati's Dasa Tribe in Peril

The moot problem centered around the fictional low-lying Pacific island nation of Nubati and the plight of its marginalized Dasa tribe. As climate change continues to elevate sea levels, Nubati faces an indeterminate future. Sami Elonia, a member of the Dasa tribe and a national of Nubati, symbolizes the struggle faced by his community. Forced to abandon his coastal residence due to relentless flooding, he sought refuge in North Nubati, where he encountered challenges such as inadequate housing, restricted access to clean water, food scarcity, and escalating conflicts over land. Driven by the imperiled conditions and pervasive violence, Mr. Elonia pursued refugee status in New Zealand.


Advocacy at the Crossroads: Climate Change and Human Rights

Within the moot court, Linus Katzenbach and Julian Petrat skillfully advocated for Elonia's cause, appealing his denied refugee status before the High Court of New Zealand. Finn Odermath and Lara Gluchowski adeptly represented the decision-makers responsible for New Zealand's refugee status. The participants adeptly employed legal principles, international conventions, and humanitarian considerations to address the intricate confluence of climate change, displacement, and the rights of vulnerable communities.


Judgment is passed

These compelling arguments were presented before a panel of judges, which included Lezel Roddeck, Director of the Foreign Language Communication Programme, and Lindsey Griffith, Anglo-American Law Lecturer. The panel was further enriched by the inclusion of Dr. Bian Sukrow, Director of the Law Clinic at Bucerius, and Jara Al-Ali Head Co-ordinator at the University of Hamburg Refugee Law Clinic, both serving as distinguished guest judges.


Victory Achieved: Katzenbach and Petrat Triumph in Common Law Moot

As the grand final drew to a close, the audience was captivated by the students' impassioned advocacy and their adroit handling of complex legal issues. In a fiercely contested battle, Linus Katzenbach and Julian Petrat emerged as the triumphant winners of the Common Law Moot, securing refugee status and legal protection for their client within the borders of New Zealand.



Gratitude to the Stellar Student Judges and Participants

We are thankful to Lindsey Griffith for her invaluable contributions to drafting the moot problem and organising the competition. Heartfelt thanks go to all participants for their meticulous preparation and thought-provoking contributions. The spirit of unity and excellence within the moot court is further exemplified by the support received from fellow students who attended the Grand Final.

A heartfelt shoutout to the stellar student judges who brought their expertise to the preliminary and semi-final rounds, igniting the flame of excellence. We extend our sincere appreciation to all the participants who added their brilliance to the electrifying atmosphere of the moot competition. Your contributions made it truly unforgettable.



Lezel roddeck and Lindsey Griffith