The Week of Law and Business - Santo Domingo 2015

Finding Convergence in the Legal and Business Worlds.

The Week of Law and Business Conference took place from June 16 to 18 in Santo Domingo. Bucerius Law School and the Master of Law and Business Program, together with the Centre for Transnational Litigation, Arbitration and Commercial Law of the New York University collaborated with the Dominican think tank, Fundación Institucionalidad y Justicia (FINJUS) for the development of this successful event.

The conference was organized into 3 modules addressing the following topics: Corporate Governance, Restructuring Strategy & Insolvency Proceedings and International Sale of Goods & Financing Contracts. The coordination of these modules was conducted by Prof. Ulrich Steger, Dr. Sven Prüfer and Prof. Franco Ferrari.  Prof. Omar Victoria Contreras was in charge of the national academic coordination of the conference.

The subjects discussed during the WLB-2015 aimed to create a meeting space for the worlds of  law and business that are traditionally addressed separately, even though they have multiple convergence points. In particular, the constant economic growth experienced by the Dominican Republic for the past 20 years and its consolidation as the main destination of investment in the Caribbean, have made it necessary to promote the discussion, development and implementation of new strategies and policies, both legal and economic, public and private, in the aforementioned areas. 

Bucerius Law School’s participation primarily focused on the Corporate Governance module, directed by Profs. Ulrich Steger and Carsten Jungmann, together with Jason Grullón, a Master of Law and Business student, Dr. Christoph Nedopil, Dr. Cándido Paz-Ares and an expert of the International Financial Corporation, Mr. Davit Karapetyan. The development of that day’s activities stood out for its dynamism and practical approach throughout the seminars, the simultaneous panels and the analysis of a case study by the participants.

Over 200 people attended the Week of Law and Business with 40 of the country's best legal offices and 42 national and international institutions and enterprises being represented. The seminar was broadcast live to more than 30 international organizations and academic institutions and had the support and sponsorship of more than 15 national and international institutions. In conclusion, the WLB-2015 was a huge success and was catalogued by local authorities and experts as the most important legal and entrepreneuneurial event of the year. 


Virginia Velazquez Kranwinkel, FINJUS