Prospective Students

Prepare your stay

Practical issues

With your admission to one of the programs, you will receive a personal log in to access Bucerius’ intranet. There you will find extensive information on all academic and administrative matters.

Below we have gathered some administrative information on things you should think about before coming to Bucerius.

EU Students

Citizens of EU counties do not need a visa to study in Germany, but will need to register their local address with the German authorities. If you are an EU citizen, we will simply fill out some paperwork together and collect your passport or European identity card (NOT your driver’s license) during the Orientation Program in order for you to complete the city registration. You will have your ID back in about two weeks.

Non-EU Students

All non-EU students must obtain a visa either before coming to Germany or once they are in Hamburg, depending on their citizenship.

Residence Permit

Citizens of Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland or the U.S. do not need to apply for a visa ahead of time. You will, however, need to obtain a residence permit once you are in Hamburg. The International Office will help you apply for the residence permit upon your arrival.

Entrance Visa

If you are a citizen of a country other than those listed above, please contact your local German consulate or embassy to determine whether you need an entrance visa. If this is the case, you must apply for an entrance visa in your home country before coming to Germany. Bucerius will provide the proof of admission required by the German authorities, but it is your responsibility to obtain the visa in a timely manner. This process usually takes several weeks.

The entrance visa is typically valid for 90 days only and must be extended once you are in Hamburg. Please be sure to make copies of all of the documents you submit to the embassy (e.g. the financial statement), as you will need these later to apply for your visa extension. The International Office can only help you with the extension of your entrance visa, not with the visa application itself.

There are no visa requirements for citizens from EU member countries, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland and the United States. Participants from these countries can enter Germany and take part in the program on a tourist visa.

If you are a citizen of a country not listed above, please contact your local German consulate or embassy to determine whether you need to apply for an entrance visa. In this case, you must apply for the visa in your home country before coming to Germany. Bucerius Law School will provide proof of admission required by the German authorities.

Bucerius does not have any on-campus or dormitory housing of its own. However, the campus is easily accessible by public transportation and the International Office assists you in finding suitable accommodation:

  • A limited number of apartments and rooms will be available on a sublet basis from Bucerius students leaving for their semester abroad in the summer and fall. Rent varies greatly, ranging anywhere between EUR 300 and EUR 650 per month depending on size and location. Admitted students will have access to these sublets at the beginning of June through Bucerius' intranet pages.

  • The International Office also reserves a limited number of rooms in a private dormitory administered by the Studierendenwerk Hamburg. Rooms will be assigned by the International Office, not the Studierendenwerk. Further information about the dorm rooms and the application process will be made available to all admitted students at the beginning of May. Dormitory housing is usually more affordable than apartment housing, but unfortunately there are not enough places to accommodate all students.

  • In addition, Bucerius provides lists with agencies offering interim housing contracts, such as City Wohnen.

All contact data and additional information about the housing market in Hamburg, including neighborhood descriptions and the most common abbreviations found in accommodation ads, will be provided once you have been admitted to Bucerius Law School.

Proof of health insurance while in Germany is required for visa purposes. Students can purchase travel health insurance in their home country or ask their current provider whether their policy covers them abroad. Exchange Students or Visiting Students may also purchase coverage through an affordable German insurance arranged by Bucerius. Coverage costs approximately EUR 30 per month.

It makes life much easier if students have a German bank account during their time at Bucerius. Although it is often not possible to open an account for a period of only 4 months, the International Office has made an arrangement with their house bank to allow exchange students to open an account and obtain a Euro check ("EC-") card (like a debit and ATM card). The account and EC-card will be ready and waiting when students arrive in Hamburg, sparing them the hassle of having to apply for an account on their own.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to open a German bank account for a period of only three weeks.

“The choice of Bucerius for an exchange program is probably one of my best decisions during legal studies. The curriculum offers an impressive number of subjects so everyone can easily find an interesting discipline to explore. Outside of the classroom, numerous excursions and trips were organized. I am extremely grateful to the International Office staff who assisted us at all times during the program. Everyone was very helpful and understanding, which made me feel welcome and appreciated. I was lucky to come to Hamburg!”

Antonina, Jagiellonian University, Exchange Student 2014

International students welcome

Bucerius Law School grants all international students the same rights as German or EU students and offers all the services and assistance required by the National Code of Conduct on Foreign Students at German Universities.