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Save the date:  18-20 March 2024 - Hamburg International Arbitration Days (HIAD) 2024

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Most of our events have been recorded and are available on our Youtube Playlist. Please access our Media Library to find a list of our past events and link to videos.




More to our Hamburg International Arbitration Days 2023...


The Bucerius Center for International Dispute Resolution (CIDR) had the opportunity to welcome excellent speakers and guests from all over the globe for several events between 27th and 31st March! At Bucerius Campus we had the honour to host our 6th Luther Dispute Resolution Lecture and 7th HIAD Conference.

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Our HIAD Conference and the Luther Dispute Resolution Lecture delivered by Professor Kreß is also available online on Youtube. Please click here for the list of videos from our HIAD past editions.



Thank you all the participants for the enriching and insightful time and hope to see you again in Hamburg in March 2024!

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