3 1/2 questions to Professor Kröll

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kröll is a Honorary Professor at Bucerius Law School and Director of the Willem C. Vis Arbitration Moot in Vienna.

1.    Should we learn from other jurisdictions and, if so, how?

Yes, we should learn from them. Other jurisdictions are often faced with comparable legal problems and have found solutions to them which differ from the ones in Germany. Looking at the solutions found in those other jurisdictions and testing our own solutions against them is an effective way to improve our own law. It also facilitates the harmonization of laws which is an important task in a globalized world.

2.    Which measures are most effective to internationalize legal research?

An international education of those who later become researchers, i.e. the law students. Exposure to a foreign legal system either through an exchange program, a master program or participation in a moot court will increase the likelihood that one will look beyond their own legal system in subsequent research.

3.    If you would be in charge of designing an international legal research agenda what three topics would be on your list?

Investment Protection Law
International Dispute Resolution
Comparative Contract Law

1/2. What legal article is a good read?

Butler, Petra, The CISG - A Secret Weapon in the Fight for a Fairer World? (2016). 35 Years CISG and Beyond, Ingeborg Schwenzer (ed). (2016), Chapter 18; Victoria University of Wellington Legal Research Paper No. 10/2017. Available at SSRN.

Abstract"The CISG and Beyond" concerns the question of the CISG's future, and the contributions in this volume aptly discuss the CISG's future within the realm of international commercial law. However, will questions of the interpretation of the CISG and its relationship with the wider international commercial law be the main playground for the CISG in the future? Or, might the CISG be destined to achieve far more - a better future for everyone?

Many thanks to Prof. Kröll and photographer Theresa Tropschuh.