How to get an outstanding letter of recommendation

For your Master of Law & Business application, you'll need a letter of recommendation. We provide you with four easy tips on how to receive it.

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Finding someone to write a recommendation letter for you, is an important part of your Master of Law & Business application. Recommendation letters should be written by someone who can assess your skills, accomplishments, and character.

The letters of recommendation are a crucial part of the MLB/LL.M. application. Through these letters, we get a different perspective on your abilities, character, experience, and suitability for the program. Your recommendation letters add credibility to your application and can really set you apart from other highly qualified candidates.

Here are some tips to help you get a great letter of recommendation:

1. Who should you ask for a letter of recommendation?

Consider people who know you well and can discuss your qualifications, skills, and character. This could include professors, teachers, supervisors, mentors, or colleagues.  Think about individuals who have seen your work and can provide specific examples of your achievements.


2. Provide Context

When requesting a recommendation, explain the purpose of the recommendation letter and the key qualities or experiences you'd like them to emphasize in the letter. This will help them tailor the recommendation to your application.


3. Be Ready to Share Your Story

Be prepared to share your experiences, achievements, and goals with your recommenders. This information will help them write a more personalized and compelling recommendation letter.

4. Be Organized

Recommenders need as much time as possible to complete a recommendation letter. You can assist in the process by providing your recommenders with the necessary information, such as the application deadline, the format (e.g., physical letter, online form), and any other specific instructions.

Remember that a strong recommendation letter can significantly enhance your application, so choose your recommenders carefully!